An interested for Blue Flag should contact the national for Serbia fee.serbia@gmail.comEASD Activity circles  represent the scope of our activities. EASD was approved as the FEE FULL MEMBER ORGANISATION at FEE GA in June 2014. 

Related documents for application , as well as activities,  are posted in Serbian , and on separate FEE Serbia web page.


Blue Flag NOM 2018 in Greece: EASD participate

EASD participate at 2017 Blue Flag National Operator Meeting 

Blue Flag (and Green Key) for beaches and marinas among EEA TOUERM (Tourism and Environment Reporting Mechanism) Indicators

Serbia: Blue Flag 2017 Ceremony at beach on “Belgrade Sea”

2017 International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development  

November 2016:  Serbian Visions 2016 : Blue Flag and Green Key programs presented by  FEE SERBIA (EASD)

October 2016: Blue Flag NOM 2016: EASD participate 


June 2016: Blue Flag for Ada Ciganlija beach

January 2016: National jury and Committee for FEE programs in Serbia

October 2015 EASD at 2015 Blue Flag NOM

October 2015 SDGs as the relevant part of the context within which FEE operates

Blue Flag 2015 National Jury Meeting, January 2015

Blue Flag 2014 National Jury Meeting , February 2014


National FEE Committee Meeting, September 6, 2013 


In 2013 Ada Ciganlija-Sava Lake Beach in Belgrade deserved the second time this important international certification.

Activity on Blue Flag Beach in Serbia among the five continental winners of the 3rd IOC Sport and Environment Awards. This is recognition for outstanding initiatives in the field of environment and sustainable sport, in particular cleaning the bottom of the lake. See also FEE site.


In the publication  ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION ACTIVITIES HANDBOOK 2013,   3 pages are examples from Serbia: Serbia, p.18, Serbia, p.28 and Serbia, p.71


2013 Blue Flag National Jury meeting held in February 2013.


In 2012 only Ada Ciganlija-Sava Lake Beach in Belgrade deserved this important international certification. Nominated by National Jury to be awarded with Blue Flag in 2013 (noted in media  )

Feasibility Study BF Serbia – 2011

Program initiatives

Program Initiative:  to measure progress in ensuring a safe and healthy work environment through reducing spending for paper, batteries, toners, cleaning products, etc.


Program Initiative: Chemicals – harmful substances, Hazardous Waste and Environmental Health

In developing SAICM activities, EASD is promoting activities related to the sound management of chemicals, including activities on related environmental health consequences. 

6th UN regional meeting on SAICM, Poland, February 2018: we participate

Mercury Initial Assessment in the Republic of Serbia Workshop – we participate

Toxic pesticide globally banned after (un)precedented vote at UN meeting on chemicals


Program Initiative: Women Participation Assessment

EASD is organisation lead by women, and presence of women experts within the team should be noted. Organisation is piloting assessment of women participation within activities.


Programming initiatives are in particular focused to multisectoral and intersectoral cooperation to fullfill goals:

  • Development of mutual cooperation and cooperation with relevant international organisations of the same and similar professions;
  • Development of all forms of successful cooperation with other professional organisations and associations in the interest of its members;
  • Initiating and support of those activities and initiatives aimed at preserving the environment and spatial planning, savings and rationalisation of consumption of all types of energy, eco-system services and inclusion of environmental protection in the other sector’s policies;
  • Cooperation with relevant scientific, profesional, economic and other organisations and bodies on the implementation of tasks of common interest;
  • Affirmation and protection of fundamental values, interes and positions of sustainable development and environment in the society through the promotion of human, professional, scientific and artistic aspects on environmental protection in all areas of profession.