Our members and network

Existing  national networks moderated by the EASD are:

1. National Eco-Schools Serbia network (more than 120 schools – in 2020 more than 130, 2000 eco-schools coordinators – professors and teachers, more than 33600 young persons – students and pupils, 30 local community authorities, and 10 local NGOs),

2. Forum of Members (FoM): – members and former members and persons worked/working in EASD projects; have more than 50 members

3. Forum of Friends (FoF): – persons participated in EASD activities; FoF have more than 1000 members, from region mainly. Extended FoF network include more than 4000 individuals  connected through social networks.

4. Green Key Serbia network (management/eco-certification of  hotels and their suppliers and waste care companies)

5. Network of participating organizations and individuals  within the “Environment to Europe” process and conferences (EASD’s partnership with the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, from 2005)

6. Co-facilitating of Western Balkan and Turkey ENV.net network, 2012-2020


Existing national networks the EASD participates in are:

1.National Convention to the EU – Working Group on Environment and Climate Change (109 members, mostly NGOs, and 32 individuals)

2.“Green Chair” Network , more than 50 environmental NGOs – the EASD is a member (Network refreshed with 2021 project )


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