Projects Activities

Circular economy as part of the concept of sustainable development of society

The project was created with the aim of informing the public about the values of the concept of circular economy and presenting previous experiences and examples of application of circular economy in educational institutions in Serbia. In this regard, in the period July-November 2019, consultations with prominent representatives in the sectors of economy, science, state and local government and the non-governmental sector were organized. Key stakeholders involved in the development of the concept of circular economy in Serbia were mapped, especially in relation to entrepreneurial initiatives of educational institutions, women and youth, as well as other institutions and organizations who showed experience and achievements in the application of the concept of circular economy in Serbia. Achievements in the circular economy were presented to the general public, through publications and public presentations, with involvement of Eco-schools coordinators as the main force in knowledge based advocacy activities.

Project is supported by Ministry of Environmental Protection.