augMENTOR 1st plenary meeting , Nice, June 2023

Towards an international treaty on plastics pollution: reflections on selected issues

Final online Conference on the project: Forest – our lifelong teacher May 29-31, 2023

Kick-off meeting, Sarajevo May 18 and 19, 2023 – Project WSSP

WSSP: Risk management in the water, sanitation, and microplastics sector in the Balkan region

2023 Annual Conference – Our common future: for a European Green Deal 2 

Schools go green and digital – and Erasmus+ supports teaching excellence! 

For more ambition and more transparency …..

Erasmus+ “ForLife” project at destination – Soverato, Italy

Climate & Energy Working Group – Brussels

Unstoppable conference in Tirana – Women overcoming barriers to success

augMENTOR Kick-off Meeting, Athens, January 2023 

Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee to develop an international legally binding instrument on plastic pollution, is about to start – EASD is participating

EEB Board Meeting, November 2022, Brussels

EASD at more international meetings in August, September, October …..2022

Participated at webinar Priorities, needs, challenges and barriers to end plastic pollution at national level; and existing information that might assist policymakers

Recap: 6 Key Tasks at COP27

EASD support a Call on governments related transparency requirements on chemicals in plastics to support the effectiveness of the (future) Plastic Treaty

EASD signed manifesto calling for an EU ban of PFAS

50 Years of Environmental Policy: The People’s Environment Narrative 

Participation at international meetings August-October 2022

Happening at UNEP: OEWG1- Science-Policy Panel and pre-event webinar on Lessons learned for the Science-policy panel on chemicals, waste and prevention of pollution

Second Carpathian ESD Seminar 

Erasmus+ mobility in Serbia ForLife

EASD  is at World Water Week ( Stockholm 2022)

4th Meeting of the Intersessional Process for Considering SAICM and the Sound Management of Chemicals and Waste Beyond 2020, Bucharest 2022

Follow up on NDC for Serbia  (Praćenje kretanja u sprovođenju nacionalno određenih kontribucija (Nationally Determined Contribution- NDC) u vezi klimatskih promena )

Call to action for a tomorrow without toxics

EEB 2022 ANNUAL CONFERENCE – “Boosting the Deal for a Greener Europe in Turbulent Times” 

Integrated chemicals and waste management approach and SAICM beyond 2020

Study visit to Grenoble – the Green Capital of Europe

UNEP@50 and World Environment Day

Menstrual hygiene day 2022

Biodiversity protection and nature-based solutions in focus of EASD activities

EASD more focused to activities against plastic pollution


The first national meeting on the ForLife project “Forest – our lifelong teacher” was held in Forestry school in Kraljevo

UNEP Global Major Groups and Stakeholders Forum, February 2022 

Climate Pact for Serbia: Snapshot targeted rehearsal of country’s obligations in climate action….


Invitation to civil society organizations to take part in the Regional consultation meeting for the United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA 5)

“Citizen science” – definition in 2021 UNECE Document 

Further on the road to UNEA 5.2, UNEP@50, and Stockholm+50


Satellite-like activity in Serbia (and region): Serious of “Seminars for Climate and Environment Ambassadors”

Sustainability of wastewater treatment methods from (Eco) schools in Serbia

EASD participated at Mercury releases from Coal Combustion Area Meeting – 28 September 2021

EASD representative participated at UNDP organized Meeting: “SERBIA’S CLIMATE TALKS – on the way to Glasgow”, September 22, 2021


In advance of UNEA 5.2: EASD participated in the International Consultation for Major Groups & Stakeholders

CLIMATE BOX is available in Serbian language! 

Environmental Communication: Media Archive Reports as a Participant Science Tool

Training for trainers on water safety and sanitation 

EASD and European Climate Pact Ambassador participate at ACUNS Annual Meeting

WED EnE21 Event

2021 Biodiversity Day

Information paper on Climate Change and Energy

Information paper on Climate Change and Floods

Virtually we are in Nairobi: participating at The Global Major Groups and Stakeholders Forum , the fifth meeting of the Open-Ended Meeting of the Committee of Permanent Representatives, Science-Policy Forum and the UN Environment Assembly (UNEA 5.1)

EASD continuing to follow SAICM Virtual Working Group on Governance and Mechanisms to Support Implementation, 4 February 2021, 8th meeting

EASD participated at Chemicals Watch Global Chemicals Management Towards 2020 and Beyond, 19-20 January 2021

2021 – ENV.net3 project final steps – infographics with documents developed by EASD

EASD participated at Regional Consultation Meeting for Europe in preparation for UNEA 5 – RCM for UNEA 5.1, virtual meeting on December 16-17, 2020

EASD participated at the 2030 Agenda Partnership Accelerator webinar “Is your organization equipped to partner effectively for the SDGs?”  , hosted by UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UN DESA), 10.12.2020.

EASD participated to Consultation on the Preparation of the Guidelines for EU Support to Civil Society in the              Enlargement region, 2021-2027, through TACSO

EASD promote EEB Letter message (Input to the EU Environment Council meeting, Brussels, 17 December        2020)

EASD delegate participated at  European Citizen Science Association – ECSA 2020 General Meeting, 27 November 2020

EASD participate in EEB Climate and Energy Working Group, from November 2020; CE WG works on the 2030 climate and energy package and the implementation of the Paris Agreement, including the update of the 2050 roadmap.

EASD publication on circular economy acknowledged by European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform

November 2020: European Environmental Bureau (EEB) – 2020 Annual Conference and General Assembly

November 2020: EASD join IPEN and PAN in calling on the Director General of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) to reconsider his recently announced alliance with CropLife International, a trade association whose member corporations produce pesticides and genetically modified seeds. The global networks and organizations co-sponsoring this letter find it completely inappropriate for FAO to strengthen collaboration with CropLife.

November 2020: Virtual tour on the experience from Italian practices in circular economy

November 2020: EASD contributed to the preparation of the UNEP “Researchathon”

November 2020: Joint civil society statement for Sofia Summit

EASD participate in SAICM WG on Governance and Mechanisms to support Implementation (from October 2020, lead to IP4 in 2021)

Oct 2020: EASD research presented at EurAsia Waste Management Symposium 

Gender and Chemicals started

Oct 2020: New Momentum for the Environmental Agenda in the Western Balkans and Turkey?

WatSanPlan project launched

Sept 2020: EASD join research on SDGs

Sept 2020: EASD participated at IPEN Women’s Caucus Virtual Meeting on Sept 24, 2020. 

Sept 2020:  (Our) Berlin Declaration have the quotation in the European Commissions Report

June 2020:  2020 Annual Meeting – UN @ 75: The Future of Partnership and Multilateralism, we participate

Feminist response to Covid19

June 5,2020 – EnE20 Conference “Citizen science: Focus on Agenda 2030 and Sustainable Development Goals”

EASD is engaged with its preparatory process and exchange views with Major Groups towards UNEA5

EASD contribute with data on Serbia to  EEB ZMWG  on review of A and B of the Minamata Convention; ZMWG is  looking into submitting additional information showing that Annexes A and B can be strengthened by widening their scope , April 2020

EASD e-awareness raising campaign: attention to environmentally and health friendly waste management in corona virus pandemic related situation

EASD monitored the implementation of SDGs

Energy efficiency in Eco-Schools , march 2020

2nd Regional Conference on Circular Economy in Western Balkan and Turkey , Tirana, Albania, March 2020

Panel on Air Pollution , February 2020, Belgrade

Criteria for Substances of International Concern Beyond 2020 , February 2020, Gothenburg

Message from our 14 NGOs to Brussels: End amalgam use! 

Global Meeting & Forum on Chemicals and Waste, 2020 , Ethiopia, February 2020

We have new publications 

Kopaonik – Serbian Mountain“Kopaonik-srpska planina”

EASD participated at 2019 FEE National Operator’s Meetings

Shadow Report on the VNR of the Agenda 2030 implementation in Serbia is finalized

Citizen science concept in terms of adaptation and mitigation to the climate change

EASD is participating in Shaping the future beyond 2020

EASD Honorable member: Milica Momcilovic

Environment first for EU

Serbia and Agenda 2030 – Shadow Report to Voluntary National Report presented by EASD President in UN New York 

Establishment of the South East European Platform to Beat Pollution – SEEPP

Mona hotel – the only hotel in Serbia outside of Belgrade with international ecocertification “Green Key”

Recap the moments from  EnE19/ Conference


UN Environment : 4th Assembly (and pre- and side-events)

Advancing environmental sustainability action- Financial Support to Third Parties for Monitoring and Evidence-Based Advocacy under the ENV.Net Project –

WEBINAR – Regional Forum of Sustainable Development (RFSD) for the UNECE Region : we participate

FEE National Council and Blue Flag National Jury Meeting (Održan sastanak nacionalnog FEE Saveta i  nacionalnog žirija za Plavu zastavu)


We participate at UN Environment SEE Ministerial Conference “Innovative Solutions to Pollution in South East and Southern Europe”

To report: The first Regional Conference on Circular Economy was success

The first regional conference on circular economy, Belgrade, November 2018: Agenda

For your attention: Ministerial Conference “Innovative Solutions to Pollution in South East and Southern Europe” , Belgrade, December 4-5

EASD  full member in European Environmental Bureau – honor and challenge

YRE competition: apply before February 1, 2019.; Theme: Energy Efficiency

Blue Flag NOM 2018 in Greece: EASD participate Initiative: to update National Strategy on Sustainable Use of Natural Resources and Goods, by applying Circular Economy concept  

Circular economy knowledge based advocacy in Eco-schools network in Serbia

The ESDN Conference 2018 – we participate ; We participate – ESDN Conference 2018, “Stakeholder-Policy Cooperation in the Age of the SDGs: What new approaches are required to be successful?”, Vienna (Austria), 1-2 October, 2018

We participate at FEE GA 2018, Riga ; FEE busy September 2018: General Assembly and Green Key NOM

We participate at Green Key NOM 2018 , Talin

Join us for June 5th: Conference Agenda Available

Participation at the Green Parliamentary Group meeting

Guest lectures made at two Universities in Serbia:  “Circular economy is concept and process, and still not full circle” 

We participate: Consultations of the Committee with NGOs in consultative status with ECOSOC regarding the evolving relationship between the NGOs and the United Nations

Pavle Pavlović – National Coordinator for GREEN KEY Project

More for Less

6th UN regional meeting on SAICM, Poland, February 2018: we participate 3 Kick-off Meeting in Tirana

Call for participation for EnE18: Nature protection – Nature-Responsive Development 3 : ENV-net factoring the environmental portfolio for Western Balkans and Turkey in the EU Policy Agenda

The 2018 Vienna UN Conference

EASD activities related SDGs


Initiative: End mercury use in dentistry by 2022, civil society challenge European Union

EASD participate at UNEA3, Nairobi, Nov-Dec 2017  

EASD participate: Summit to Plan the End of Amalgam in Europe 2017– November 20-21, Berlin 

EASD participate at 2017 Blue Flag National Operator Meeting 

Eko-paket – Eco-Schools annual conference for the school year 2017/2018

EASD participate: IPEN Regional meeting, Prague 16-20 October 2014

Blue Flag (and Green Key) for beaches and marinas among EEA TOUERM (Tourism and Environment Reporting Mechanism) Indicators

Environmental Ambassadors messages in advance to UNEA3 and Science for Green Solutions (27 November – 6 December 2017, Nairobi, Kenya)

“Make Mercury History” – EASD participated at Minamata COP1 in Geneva

“Make Mercury History” – EASD participated at Minamata COP1 in Geneva

EASD become the Member of the Western Balkans Youth Cooperation Platform!

Civil Society Forum  in Trieste, 11-12 July 2017 – we (EASD) participate 

Good signal: Serbia gets (again) separate Ministry of environmental protection 

Serbia: Blue Flag 2017 Ceremony at beach on “Belgrade Sea”

EnE17 Conference and Panel in Media

Climate Change Education for Sustainable Development 

Draft Agenda for Environment to Europe EnE17 Conference (Climate Change Education for Sustainable Development), June 5, 2017, Belgrade

As ECOSOC Accredited NGOs we submit statement for the event “16th Session of the Committee of Experts on Public Administration (CEPA)”

Athens 2017: Green Key National Operator Meeting dedicated to the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development

Call: The Thirteenth Regional Conference ”Environment to Europe – EnE17″, June 5th 2017, Belgrade

Mercury Initial Assessment in the Republic of Serbia Workshop – we participate

“EnE17 – The 13th Regional Conference Environment to Europe” announcement: Climate Change Education

2017 International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development  

EASD participate at 2017 Vienna UN Conference – Implementing the 2030 Agenda

Participation (as non funded participant) in the first meeting of the intersessional process considering the Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management (SAICM) and the sound management of chemicals and waste beyond 2020 approved, Brasil, February 2017


Serbian Visions 2016 : Blue Flag and Green Key programs presented by  FEE SERBIA (EASD)

Blue Flag NOM 2016: EASD participate 

Regional conference  “The environmental challenges, EU enlargement and public participation – the role of media on advocating environmental issues! 

Waste, health, sustainability: what way forward?

Education for Sustainability

Scientific signals: Waste as the crosscutting issue of SDGs 

FEE General Assembly 2016 and International Conference on Education for Sustainable Development, Ahmedabad, India

Global Review of Mercury Monitoring Networks

EASD and ECOSOC signals: Achieving sustainable development through infrastructure  


EASD Knowledge Partner with CEE for ESD for transforming education for children and youth


WED Messages from Serbia: 12th Regional Conference “Environment to Europe”

Towards UNEA-2 background paper: multistakeholder dialogue

Chapter 27: CSOs participation Course: CSO Participation in Accession Process

EASD participated at the First High Level Ministerial Panel on Responding to Climate and Environmental Challenges in South East Europe

National jury and Committee for FEE programs in Serbia

Water-food-energy-ecosystems nexus assessment in the Sava River Basin – Lessons learned and further steps

We participate: Regional Conference: „Sustainability of the FPAs” , Brussels

Agenda 2030 and SDGs in the focus of EASD work 

EASD participate at 2016 Vienna UN Conference (Vienna, January 13-15, 2016): sustainable development is the basis for a peaceful world.

2016 – Save the date for Conference


EASD contributed to the 3rd UNECE EPR for Serbia

United Nations Environmental Conference on Sustainable Development Goals  

We participate in an on-line survey on UNEP programme planning and implementation

Eco-Schools 2015 NOM in Northern Ireland

Waste and human health / Waste and health: evidence and needs – WHO Meeting, Bonn 5-6 November 2015

EASD at 2015 Blue Flag NOM

EASD at  the United Nations in Vienna


Recognition and encouragement for further work: special consultative status in UN ECOSOC for our organisation

Connecting regions: participation at 10th International Convention on Environment and Development in Havana, Cuba, July 2015

Consultation with UN/UNDP in Serbia

Post Rio+20 busy July 2015

2015 ACUNS Annual Meeting – participation, june 2015

We participate!

On TV Announcement and more  , June 5 – 2015

We participate at European Green Week

First European-wide Sustainable Development Week

Regional Conference ”Environment to Europe” EnE15 – EU Environmental Horizontal Legislation: Methods, Standards and Tools 

Indicators and a Monitoring Framework for Sustainable Development Goals

Toxic pesticide globally banned after (un)precedented vote at UN meeting on chemicals

Strategic Planning Meeting

First Young Reporters for the Environment Competition Launched in Serbia

EASD Team Meeting/Seminar

Radisson Blu Old Mill Belgrade – The first GREEN KEY HOTEL in Serbia , February 2015

For your attention: 2015 ACUNS Conference 

__________ Year 2015 begins _______________________________________

Six essential elements for delivering the SDGs

European Western Balkans Interview: Andjelka Mihajlov, Environmental Ambassador for Sustainable Development

Western Balkans to join EU “in not too distant future”

ECF Annual Meeting in Brussels with European Commision


ERF 2014 – European Resources Forum, Berlin November 2014

Regional training on the process of designation of potential Natura 2000 sites

We participate  in consultation related the United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF) 2016-2020 on-line training courses

“Little progress has been made in the areas of environment and climate change” 

Brussels: preparatory partnership meeting and Framework Partnership Agreement (FPA) Closing Event for Phase I 

Environmental Leaders from 70 Countries gathering in Copenhagen: FEE General Assembly June 2014 multi-stakeholder Conference on Chapter 27: about 200 participants

World Environment Day – Raise the voice!

Agenda for EnE14/ Conference “Environment to Europe”, June 5, 2014 in SCC – opening at 10:00

Be a part of post-flood actions! Serbia with children, parents and teachers “cleaning up Serbia”

Research: Waste Technology Transfer

Meeting with FEE International Mentor in Istanbul

Great news from FEE Board of Directors

EU Delegation to Serbia: Consultative Meeting with CSOs on progress towards EU in 2014

EASD written contribution to the 2014 Progress Report

Participation on UNECE consultation related to the 3rd EPR for Serbia

UNESCO Serbia: Integration of Diversities

We participate in Zagreb on Workshop on Water-Food-Energy-Ecosystems Nexus Assessment in the Sava River Basin

Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition (age 15-30) – submit ideas by June 30, 2014 Serbia participated in defining the first strategic framework for CSOs development

19 focus areas recommended for further consideration at upcoming intergovernmental negotiations on SDGs

Knowledge based advocacy: Environment should be within priorities in the negotiations with EU

 Environment in youth policy in Serbia

Blue Flag 2014 National Jury Meeting , February 2014

Invitation for Conference, June 5 – 2014 in Belgrade

Call of proposals for sub-granting in Serbia  “EU: we watch and learn to be ready!”

Participation on public hearing by the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) Study Group

Thematic meeting of the SECO mechanism on IPA II programming

EASD refreash the leadership team

ACUNS 2014 Summer Workshop

EASD / Team reading of European Parliament Resolution, January 2014

For your attention: Europa Diary in Serbian, p.51-61

EASD Participatory Workshop

Environmental Education for future EU Citizens

Workshop for strategic planning of further work SECO mechanism

With the students from Faculty of Security Studies

Eye on EU integration process: Parliament of Serbia

Meeting  FPA project grantees with DG Enlargement representative

Activity on Blue Flag Beach in Serbia among the five continental winners of the third IOC Sport and Environment Awards

Round-table on waste management in marinas, integrated water management and EU integration

CSOs at the First constituting meeting of European Union-Serbia Stabilization and Association Parliamentary Committee 

Serbia and EU Emissions Trading System

Eye on environment laws changes: monitoring compliance with EU directives

The third partnership meeting in Milan, November 2013

Meeting with European Parliamentarians

Marshall Memorial Fellow working visit to EASD

Little progress” in Chapter 27 issues in 2013, according to EC

EASD in the Global Alliance to Eliminate Lead Paint: 2013 International Lead Poisoning Prevention Week of Action

Eye on EU approximation environmental challenges  

Minister for Education and Science underlined the importance of drinking water for development

Education for Sustainable Development

SAICM Regional Meeting

Environmental Ambassadors for Sustainable Development, accredited for the High-level event on the Millennium Development Goals and Post-2015 Development Agenda,  25 September 2013 at United Nations Headquarters,NY

Research results presented to scientific community

The first GREEN FLAGS in Serbia

National FEE Committee Meeting, September 6, 2013

Education power: Ranking of universities in 2013

Tara 2013: Summer Camp for children from diaspora snapshot analysis: While waiting for EC 2013 Progress Report

EASD selected by GEF Secretariat for CSOs regional meeting and ECW Eastern Europe meeting in Sarajevo, September 2013, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina


EASD accepted as the member in Sustainable Development Solutions Network –SDSN

Participation in two-day study tour for CSOs representatives

EASD approved as the member of UN Sustainable Development Knowledge Platform

FEE Serbia International Mentor in monitoring visit to Serbia, June 2013

More than 120 participants at EnE13 conference/ Roundtable: 10 June, 2013 in Belgrade

WED: “Do not waste the food – avoid unresponsive consumption”

2013 EC and Partners: growing together – Framework for Partnership Agreement, Belgrade, May 23-24

The second partnership meeting

EDUCATION and ENVIRONMENT, among priorities for citizens: National consultation “The Serbia We Want” snapshots from CSOs responds to questionnaire

EASD Activity Circles

Workshop “Chemical and Product Safety in the Western Balkans”, April 2013

2013 Consultative Meeting on Environment and Climate Change – EPD preparation

Participation at UNEP Global Major Groups and Stakeholder Forum, Global Ministerial Environment Forum and High-Level Gender Forum

The first partnership meeting



Consumer’s eco-protection

Summer Eco-School


Western Balkan Civil Society Forum

International cooperation: European Resources Forum 2012

Participation to EC meeting in Brussels, January 2013