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Sustainability of wastewater treatment methods from (Eco) schools in Serbia

From October 2021, EASD is implementing the project “Sustainability of wastewater treatment from (Eco) schools in Serbia”, with the aim of developing awareness of rural residents about the needs, benefits and opportunities to provide sanitation and treatment of waste water in small communities . Through the organization of promotional and educational activities planned by the project, it is expected to raise the level of knowledge and action in the field of wastewater management and related sanitation. The realization of the planned project activities is expected to improve the cooperation between Eco-schools and decision makers in local communities, and knowledge will also be increased in the preparation of the Plan for water supply safety and sanitation.

The project will analyze the possibilities and requirements of sustainable sanitation and properties of wastewater from Eco-schools and other sources, map the problems that exist due to inadequate wastewater treatment in Eco-schools in rural communities and present the results of civic activism through Eco -schools in local communities, related to sustainable wastewater treatment.

* Project: “Sustainability of wastewater treatment from (Eco) schools in Serbia” is supported by the Ministry of Environmental Protection of the Republic of Serbia, through support for civil society projects in the field environmental protection in 2021.

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