LOCCAR project publication (- Jačanje otpornosti i kapaciteta prilagođavanja lokalnih zajednica na klimatske promjene u Crnoj Gori, Bosni i Hercegovini, Centar za klimatske promjene, prirodne resurse i energiju Univerziteta Donja Gorica, Podgorica, juli 2023 )

Women Leaders: Addressing Chemicals and Waste Issues – IPEN  (2022) in English, in Serbian

Plan for improving sanitation and wastewater treatment in Eco-schools (in Serbian) , 2022


Water and Sanitation Safety Plan Compendium Chapter , in Serbian,  2021/22

Paper published: Andjelka Mihajlov, Aleksandra Mladenovic & Filip Jovanovic, Contribution to Environmental Communication: comparative analysis of two qualitative methods as the performance to European Union accession, in “Adapt to Survive. The role of social media, sharing and communication to ameliorate this world “, Conference Proceedings Book Edited by Margarita Kefalaki, Communication Institute of Greece (COMinG),Athens, p.57-66 , 2021 ( ISSN: ISBN: 978-618-85622-3-3 ), Available at

Climate landscape analysis and its impacts on children – EASD interviewed….   (Preporučujemo: Analiza klimatske situacije i njenih uticaja na decu u Srbiji)

Environmental Communication: Media Archive Reports as a Participant Science Tool (Authors: A.Mihajlov, A.Mladenovic, F.Jovanovic) , Abstract Book “Communicating in a ‘Modern’ Word” , 6th International Conference on Communication and Management – ICCM 2021, page 31, Edited by Communication Institute of Greece (COMinG), ISBN: 978-618-81861-9-4 (2021)

CLIMATE BOX  in Serbian language 

ACUNS 2021 AM – Greening and Greenwashing

Country in transition (Serbia) case: Circular economy starts from waste management, Environmental Research & Technology, Vol. 4 (1), pp. 83-88, 2021

Information paper on Climate Change and Energy

Information paper on Climate change and Floods

Infographic on Climate Change and Energy developed by EASD

Infographic – Documents on Circular Economy Developed by EASD

Infographic – Documents on Climate Change Developed by EASD

Climate Responsible Eating (2020)

Climate responsible consumption (in Serbian)-Klimatski odgovorna potrošnja (2020)


Five years of implementing the Sustainable Development Goals, with a focus on SDG 13

Analiza trenutne situacije vezano za Cilj održivog razvoja 13 (in Serbian)

Report on monitoring the progress of national environmental legislation (Chapter 27) in 2018, 2019, and half-year 2020, with projections through end-2020 / Izveštaj o monitoringu napredovanja nacionalnog zakonodavstva o životnoj sredini (Poglavlje 27) u 2018., 2019. i prvoj polovini 2020. godine, sa projekcijom do kraja 2020.godine (Extended abstract in English, Full text in Serbian)

Climate change poster, in Serbian

Slikovnica: Od klimatskih promena do klimatske akcije (in Serbian)

Position Paper on COVID 19 and waste management

Circular Economy goes beyond Waste Management  presented at EurAsia Waste Management Symposium 2020

Information paper on meaning of Cluster “Green agenda and sustainable connectivity” for Serbia

Reflection paper on air quality data for Serbia

2020 Spotlight Report on Circular Economy in Serbia

Guidelines for Eco-Schools (2020), in Serbian

Circular economy in Serbia – process started (2019)

Responsible Eating (in Serbian) (2019)

Kopaonik-Serbian Mountain (in Serbian) (2019)

Shadow Report on the VNR of the Agenda 2030 implementation in Serbia (2019)

Poster : What is Circular Economy, in Serbian, 2019

Circular economy for children, in Serbian, 2019

Textile and fashion within circular economy concept (2018)

2018 Conference Proceedings EnE18: Nature protection – Nature-Responsive Development

2017 Conference Proceedings EnE17: Climate Change Education for Sustainable Development 

A Guideline of EU Accession Monitoring Tools for CSOs in candidate and potential candidate countries: Chapter 27, project document, Belgrade January 2015

Conference Proceedings EnE15/ – EU Environmental Horizontal Legislation: Methods, Standards and Tools  , 2015

2015 project  brochure „ENVIRONMENT FOR EUROPE“ CONFERENCE PROCEEDINGS: Chapter 27-Environment and Climate Change  , 2014

CD Proceedings of Papers  Environment to Europe 2013 – Environment in local communities – Roundtable 2013

Ecological Footprint, 2013

Study on Achievements and Perspectives towards a Green Economy and Sustainable Growth in Serbia 2012

EnE11: Rural and Mountain Sustainable Development 

 Proceedings of Papers  Environment to Europe 2010- EnE10 

Local Environmental Security Project Report , 2009