Agenda 2030 and SDGs

“May be we have different personal goals and interests – but, we have ONLY ONE EARTH”, Prof Andjelka Mihajlov, Environmental Ambassador for Sustainable Development,  addressing SDGs process, 2013

December 2019: Shadow Report on the VNR of the Agenda 2030 implementation in Serbia is finalized

July 2019:  Serbia and Agenda 2030 – Shadow Report to Voluntary National Report presented by EASD President in UN New York 

June 2019: Establishment of the South East European Platform to Beat Pollution – SEEPP

March 2019:  UN Environment : 4th Assembly (and pre- and side-events)

February 2019: WEBINAR – Regional Forum of Sustainable Development (RFSD) for the UNECE Region : we participate

December 2018: We participate at UN Environment SEE Ministerial Conference “Innovative Solutions to Pollution in South East and Southern Europe”

November 2018: For your attention: Ministerial Conference “Innovative Solutions to Pollution in South East and Southern Europe” , Belgrade, December 4-5 ; To report: The first Regional Conference on Circular Economy was success

October 2018: The ESDN Conference 2018 – we participate ;  We participate – ESDN Conference 2018, “Stakeholder-Policy Cooperation in the Age of the SDGs: What new approaches are required to be successful?”, Vienna (Austria), 1-2 October, 2018

Join us for June 5th:  2018 Conference Agenda Available

May 2018. We participate: Consultations of the Committee with NGOs in consultative status with ECOSOC regarding the evolving relationship between the NGOs and the United Nations

More for Less

6th UN regional meeting on SAICM, Poland, February 2018: we participate

The 2018 Vienna UN Conference

EASD activities related SDGs

EASD participate at UNEA3, Nairobi, Nov-Dec 2017  

EASD participate: Summit to Plan the End of Amalgam in Europe 2017– November 20-21, Berlin 

Environmental Ambassadors messages in advance to UNEA3 and Science for Green Solutions (27 November – 6 December 2017, Nairobi, Kenya)

EASD participate: IPEN Regional meeting, Prague 16-20 October 2014

“Make Mercury History” – EASD participated at Minamata COP1 in Geneva

As ECOSOC Accredited NGOs we submit statement for the event “16th Session of the Committee of Experts on Public Administration (CEPA)”

2017 International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development  

EASD participate at 2017 Vienna UN Conference – Implementing the 2030 Agenda

Participation (as non funded participant) in the first meeting of the intersessional process considering the Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management (SAICM) and the sound management of chemicals and waste beyond 2020 approved, Brasil, February 2017

Scientific signals: Waste as the crosscutting issue of SDGs Waste, health, sustainability: what way forward?

FEE General Assembly 2016 and International Conference on Education for Sustainable Development, Ahmedabad, India


EASD Knowledge Partner with CEE for ESD for transforming education for children and youth

WED Messages from Serbia: 12th Regional Conference “Environment to Europe”

Towards UNEA-2 background paper: multistakeholder dialogue

Agenda 2030 and SDGs in the focus of EASD work 

January 2016: EASD participate at 2016 Vienna UN Conference (Vienna, January 13-15, 2016): sustainable development is the basis for a peaceful world

November 2015: United Nations Environmental Conference on Sustainable Development Goals  

We participate in an on-line survey on UNEP programme planning and implementation

Waste and human health / Waste and health: evidence and needs, UN Bonn – WHO Meeting

September 2015: UN Sustainable Development Summit

July 2015: Recognition and encouragement for further work: special consultative status in UN ECOSOC for our organisation

July 2015: Connecting regions: participation at 10th International Convention on Environment and Development in Havana, Cuba, July 2015

June 2015: The zero draft outcome document for the post-2015 summit has been posted  

May 2015: Toxic pesticide globally banned after (un)precedented vote at UN meeting on chemicals

December 2014: Six essential elements for delivering the SDGs

November 2014: ERF 2014 – European Resources Forum, Berlin November 2014

October 2014: We participate  in consultation related the United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF) 2016-2020

September 2014: Regional Ministerial Consultation on Monitoring and Accountability for the Post-2015 Development Agenda – The Regional Dimension15 – 16 September 2014, Geneva – with CSOs presence . The deliberations on the post-2015 development agenda have emphasized the need for strong monitoring and accountability. In addition to accountability at the global and national levels, there are calls for a strong focus on the regional dimension of accountability.

July 2014: 17 Sustainable Development Goals

June 2014: UNEA 2014

June 2014 – World Environment Day – Raise the voice! , multi-stakeholder Conference on Chapter 27: about 200 participants

May 2014 – Accreditation of A.Mihajlov, as EASD representative,  for the 15th Global Major Groups and Stakeholders Forum has been approved. The meeting will take place between 21 Jun 2014 and 22 Jun 2014  in Nairobi.  In addition, On the occasion of the 1st United Nations Environment Assembly  of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)  to  be held in Nairobi, Kenya, from  23-27 June 2014,  she is invited  to the  Gender Forum hosted by the United Nations Environment Programme and Network of Women Ministers and Leaders for the Environment  , to be held on 23  and 24  June 2014   at the  UN Conference Centre in Gigiri, Nairobi.  

April 2014 – Still time to contribute with comments on UNDP’s draft Social and Environmental Standards  (due date May 2, 2014)

April 2014 –  UNEP acknowledged EnE14 – Conference as the WED event 

February 2014 – NGO Major Group vision & priorities for the Sustainable Development Goals and the post-2015 development agenda

February 2014 – 19 focus areas recommended for further consideration at upcoming intergovernmental negotiations on SDGs

December 2013Towards APPROPRIATE balancing of the environment, social and economic dimensions of sustainable development , participatory round table, Belgrade

Signposts to the 2015 new Development Goals , December 2013 ( much more of our team position  in Serbian….)

The sixth session of the Open Working Group is schedule for 9-13 December 2013 and will deal with Means of implementation (science and technology, knowledge-sharing and capacity building); Global partnership for achieving sustainable development, Needs of countries in special situations, African countries, LDCs, LLDCs, and SIDS as well as specific challenges facing the middle-income countries, Human rights, the right to development, global governance.

The first Geneva Dialogue on the Post-2015 Sustainable Development Agenda  ( press )

The fifth session of the Open Working Group on Sustainable Development  is scheduled for 25-27 November 2013, and will deal with Sustained and inclusive economic growth, macroeconomic policy questions (including international trade, international financial system and external debt sustainability), infrastructure development and industrialization. 

In addition, a two day inter-sessional meeting between the Open Working Group and Major Groups and other Stakeholders will be held on 22 November 2013 (second day in early 2014 – date to be confirmed). The meeting will provide an opportunity to hold an open dialogue with the Open Working Group.

EASD acknowledged becoming IPEN network Participating Organization

On October 24, EASD join the worldwide celebrations to mark the UN Day – the anniversary of the entry into force in 1945 of the UN Charter.  According to Ban Ki-moon, UN Secretary General, the Millennium Development Goals have cut poverty in half. “Now we must maintain the momentum, craft an equally inspiring post-2015 development agenda and reach an agreement on climate change,” he stated.  To mark the Day, EASD organize a discussions on the environmental rights and environmental security.

Environmental Ambassadors for Sustainable Development, accredited for the High-level event on the Millennium Development Goals and Post-2015 Development Agenda, 25 September 2013 at United Nations Headquarters, NY.

“Breaking Down the Silos: Integrating Environmental Sustainability in the Post-2015 Agenda”, the final report of the Global Consultation on Environmental Sustainability in the Post-2015 Development Agenda ( Integrating Environmental Sustainability in the Post-2015 Agenda ) , is available on September 2013. The report captures the essence and key messages of the eight-month consultation process that engaged academia, think tanks, representatives of civil society, youth, women and men from North and South who chose to focus the dialogue on the linkages between environmental sustainability and human development. At the forefront of the discussions was the need for the post-2015 agenda to be based on principles related to integrated approaches to development, equality, human rights and resilience in order to fully embed environmental sustainability. There was also a call for urgent collective action in areas related to 1) economic transformation, 2) governance and accountability, 3) local action and empowerment, and 4) education.

Regional CEE contribution to chemicals management and environmental health related issues  (September 2013, Skopje).

Synthesis of National Reports for RIO+20, UN DESA/UNDP ( 742RIO+20_Synthesis_Report_Final ) , Nacional report Serbia 

On July 26th 2013th The UN General Assembly, as a preparatory document for the meeting in September, released a report of UN Secretary General (A-68-202).

There has been an call through the Global Thematic Consultations, for environmental sustainability to be at the heart of the post-2015 agenda, which not only fully integrates the three dimensions of sustainable development but also embraces equality, human rights and resilience to achieve multiple benefits for poverty eradication and human well-being, while respecting the earth’s resources and needs of future generations. EASD is contributing to ongoing efforts to strengthen integrated implementation of the three dimensions of sustainable development (including respond to discussions papers like Discussion Papers on Environmental Sustainability and the Post-2015 Agenda).

The Open Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals (OWG) is tasked with preparing a proposal on SDGs to be presented to the UN General Assembly at its 68th session. The OWG is holding 8 sessions from March 2013 to February 2014, with various thematic focus. Major Groups and other Stakeholders can contribute to the OWG sessions by contributing to the corresponding Major Groups Thematic Clusters through the Sustainable Development Knowledge Platform.

Other activities include activities through  Sustainable Development Solutions Network –SDSN and UN Sustainable Development Knowledge Platform , participation in the process “The Serbia We Want” , UNEP Global Major Groups and Stakeholder Forum, Global Ministerial Environment Forum and High-Level Gender Forum  and Rio+20.

This work is also relevant to ongoing intergovernmental processes on the post-2015 agenda and sustainable development goals (SDGs).