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Regional Environmental Cohesion


Initiative – Environmental Cohesion Initiative as the strategic concept is visionary perspective, promoting “environment as the no-borders concept” and “environmental soft diplomacy” tool for regional cooperation. Initiated in Western Balkan in 2003 by at that time Serbian Minister for the Protection of Natural Resources and Environment, through different  Project implementation, become Process.

Our projects implemented (2005-2011)

Project Partners Snapshots
Building a common ‘green’ future in Europe (Regional Initiative for cohesion in the field of environment), project supported by Open society Fund
Environmental Ambassadors-Serbia,Biosfera – Macedonia,Most – Montenegro,Konak-Kosovo territory,Center for Energy Efficiency – Bosnia and Herzegovina,Sun of Liquenas – Albania
The platform SEE Regional Delaration on Environmental Cohesion as the tool to EU integration and Sustainable Development is approved in 2006 (on Regional FORUM EfE07 Preparatory Meeting in Belgrade, June 5th). Further, Declaration is presented at UNECE Committee on Environment Policy, Ad Hoc Preparatory Working Group of Senior Officials “Environment for Europe”, Second meeting, Geneva, 29-30 June 2006, with request to include it in Belgrade 2007 Conference.
RENCO – Regional Environmental Cohesion: Towards sustainable development strategy for urban South-East Europe, project supported by Sida and Serbian Ministry of Environment
I. Čarapina, N. Azemovski, S. Stevović, M. Apostolovski, M. Šarić, L. Bratić, A. Jovanović, T. Knez-Milojković, Z. Moravčević, A. Knez-Milojković, A.Mihajlov, REGIONAL ENVIRONMENTAL COHESION: TOWARDS SEE URBAN SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT STRATEGY (RENCO), Sustainable Spatial Development of Towns and Cities, Thematic Conference Proceedings, Volume 1 (M. Vujošević, ed.), Institute or Architecture and Urban&Spatial Planning of Serbia, ISBN: 978-86-80329-51-2, Belgrade, 2007, pp.279-296 ( In Serbian rad ICarapina i dr RENCO-final)
Regional environmental advocacy and cohesion of the Western Balkans (abbreviation: REA), Project supported by the the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.
„ Urban Research Institute (URI)“ (Tirana),„Center for ecology i energy“ (Tuzla),„Advocacy Training and Resource Center“ (Pristina),„4x4x4 Balkan Bridges“ (Skopje),„Green Home“ (Podgorica),„Center for modern skills“ (Beograd)„Environmental Ambassadors“ from Belgrade, as the Regional coordinator.
Bells movement
Needs for Tailored Knowledge and Skill-Based Education for Sustainable Development: Balkan Environment Life Leadership Standards Courses 

Process, since 2003 

From 2003, when initiated, though project implemented, Regional Environmental Cohesion toward EU integration and Sustainable Development become Process, having different paths of implementation in years 2012+.

With our activities in years 2013+, Environmental Ambassadors for Sustainable Development, is further supporting this strategic mission, through project implementation (like, Environment to Europe)