Our role model

EASD Honorable President and Co-Founder is  organisation role model. Prof dr Andjelka Mihajlov, Environmental Ambassador for Sustainable Development; PhD in Technical Sciences, Chemical Engineer. In 2005 she has been nominated for UNEP Champions of the Earth award for her initiative on regional environmental cohesion and security. In 2006 she has been recognized/acknowledged as UNEP Women Environmental Leader of Western Balkan (her areas of Environmental Action: Business and Industry, Climate Change, Energy, Education, Forest, Poverty, Sustainable Consumption, Urban Environment). Has a prominent role in leading the Reform Agenda of Serbia in Environmental Sector; she has been Serbian Minister for the Protection of Natural Resources and Environment from 2002 to 2004. Dr Andjelka Mihajlov, among others, was the head of Country (Yugoslavia) Delegation at the Johannesburg Summit in 2002, and 10 years later in Rio+20, she was the member of the Serbian delegation, as advisor. She is University Professor, with more than 300 research references in environmental engineering, environment governance and policy, waste management, material science and chemical engineering thermodynamics, among others.

In April 2021 acknowledged as European Climate Pact Ambassador (List of the some activities, within the mandate of European Climate Pact Ambassador)

Her core values for organization are excellence: in all vision, strategic thinking, teaching, training, research, expertise and educational activities. In 2003 she initiated Regional environmental Cohesion as the tool for Sustainable Development, with values confirming and reconfirming since then.