*IPEN Participating Organisation

IPEN’s mission is a Toxics-Free Future for All. IPEN  (International Pollutants Elimination Network) is a unique global network of people and public interest organizations, which respects and enjoys a wide diversity of cultures, skills and knowledge. Together we share a common commitment to achieve a toxic-free future where chemical production, use and disposal does not harm people and the environment.

IPEN operates in all six UN languages, and is coordinated via eight Regional Hubs for Anglophone Africa, Francophone Africa, Central Europe, Eastern Europe, Caucasus & Central Asia, Latin America, Middle East, South Asia and Southeast Asia.

Regional Hub for Central and Eastern Europe is Arnika Association, based in the Czech Republic. Environmental Ambassadors for Sustainable Development is IPEN Participating Organisation (our activities include International Lead Poisoning Awareness Week 2013Toxics-Free Rio+20,

IPEN’s work on Chemicals in Products relates to the Stockholm Convention and the Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management (SAICM).

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Criteria for Substances of International Concern Beyond 2020

Message from our 14 NGOs to Brussels: End amalgam use! 

IPEN Global Meeting & Forum on Chemicals and Waste, 2020

EASD Input to SAICM/IP.3/8 (Assessment on linkages with other clusters related to chemicals and waste management and options to coordinate and cooperate on areas of common interest), 26.10.2019

EASD is participating in Shaping the future beyond 2020 , Bangkok 2019

In 2019 become IPEN General Assembly member

6th UN regional meeting on SAICM, Poland, February 2018: we participate

“Make Mercury History” – EASD participated at Minamata COP1 in Geneva

EASD participate: IPEN Regional meeting, Prague 16-20 October 2014