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Environmental Ambassadors for Sustainable Development(Environmental Ambassadors, EASD) is a non-for-profit professional association focusing work on education, as well as the research and science (professional and citizens) promotion, in the areas of sustainable development and environment, through the consultancy, expertise, innovation, capacity building, evidence based advocacy, promotion of natural and culture values, equality and justice

ENVIRONMENTAL AMBASSADORS FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT (reg.no 28074573) is  association of experts,  having the expert, scientific, innovative, professional and social character (think-thank), established with the intention of acting in:

  • the general interest of advancing, popularization and promotion of scientific and research work, and
  • the public interest in the areas of:  sustainable development, environmental protection and education and in other areas of implementation of the objectives, including promotion of culture values,
  • through the research, consultancy, expert analysis, innovation education  and promotion.

Abbreviation of organisation name in English is “Environmental Ambassadors”, and “EASD” is used as the acronym.

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More about us 

Organisation “Environmental Ambassadors for Sustainable Development” is formally registered in 2012 by experts working together from  2004 as the non-formal experts group established within organisation “Environmental Ambassadors”.  In 2013 organisation became the legal successor  of association of citizens Environmental Ambassadors   (Reg.no 17562142).The need and rationale to establish expert professional organisation is outreach of the project supported by governmental Center for Science Promotion.