Aarhus Center Novi Beograd – how to get involved?

In November 2015, Young Researchers of Serbia established the Aarhus center Novi Beograd, the fifth Aarhus Centre in Serbia, as an encouragement for the implementation of the Aarhus Convention and the greater involvement of citizens in environmental protection issues. On 13 April 2016, at the Media Center in Belgrade, Aarhus Centre Novi Beograd, with the […]

We participate: Regional Conference: „Sustainability of the FPAs” , Brussels

Regional Conference: „Sustainability of the FPAs” was held in Brussels, in January 26-27, 2016.  At the conference, all projects from the IPA Beneficiaries EuropeAid/133642/C/SER/Multi we presented, with a particular focus on the future plans of networks, and their sustainability, as well as sustainability of their outcomes., as one of 18 projects that was present, […]