Centre of Expertise for Natural and Economic Resources

Centre of Expertise for Natural and Economic Resources is independent organisation , registered as NGO.

Due pool of experts of mainly economic background, but also in other sustainable development issues, EASD established “joint forces approach” with this organisation, when project implementation need that.

Centre of Expertise for Natural and Economic Resources is acting in the public interest in sustainable development, in order to achieve sustainable use of natural and economic resources, including information, software and electronic resources, healthy lifestyles, and others.

In order to improve the social and economic aspects of sustainable development, the Center provides expertise to support the implementation of activities:

  • cooperation in the field of natural resources
  • cooperation in the economic resources
  • cyber cooperation in the field of information, electronic and software resources
  • advancement and promotion of healthy lifestyles
  • education
  • project development
  • scientific advancement, innovation, research and professional work.

Contact – centarekspertize@gmail.com

Team of experts work on :

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