The Program of Scientific, Innovative, Research and Professional Work

The Program of Scientific, Innovative, Research and Professional Work in the fields of environment and sustainable development, is focused towards goals:

  • Advancement of scientific research work, promotion and popularisation of science and technology and ensuring the preservation of scientific and cultural heritage, development of innovative and development projects, as well programs of general interest;
  • Monitoring the contemporary development of engineering, technology and ecology and indication of the trends of events and changes as well as giving opinions on technical and technological solutions in the fields of sustainable development and environment;
  • Initiation and organisation of scientific and professional meetings, exhibitions, conferences and seminars, publishing activities, publishing of scientific and professional papers, monographs and other publications of interest in the field of sustainable development and environment;
  • Promotion of sustainable (harmonic economic, social and environmental) development as a commune bonnum and interest, by implementing expertise and the promotion of the sustainable development and implementation of projects – sustainable management of natural resources – environmental protection and biodiversity – eco-standardisation – participation in the work and cooperation with all kinds of institutions nationally and internationally, industrial and other associations and organisations;
  • Organisation and implementation of eco-certification in cooperation with the competent authorities and organisations for issuing appropriate certificates in the field of assessment of fulfillment of international standards and programs relation to the environment and sustainable development;
  • Awarding of appropriate rewards and recognitions for successful achievements in the field of sustainable development and environment;

In order to achieve these objectives, the Association monitors among other scientific and technical literature in the field of environmental protection and sustainable development, organize, solely or together with other organizations, professional meetings, conferences, seminars and other forms of education, announces the publication of matters relating to development and application of technical and scientific publications in the field of sustainable development and the environment, in accordance with the law, in order to improve the social and economic aspects of sustainable development, working with universities, collegues, schools, professional associations and other similar organizations at home and abroad, gives professional expertise, arbitration, provides advice, opinions and reviews, has been doing research and development in multidisciplinary, natural, technical, technological, biotech, and technical and social sciences, develops international (global, EU) and regional cooperation, developing partnerships with other organizations and institutions in the country, and others.

Organisation is the Institutional Member of ACUNS – Academic Council on the United Nations System )


Science Festival 2012  – Present popular scientific topics in everyday language, proving that science is more accessible, more interesting and more present that it seems to be. EASD and Prof A.Mihajlov took part at Panel: Earth after Man – The Story about Biodiversity and Climate Change  ( ,[iframe]/29/ )