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December 2018: EASD who we are

April 2018: Pavle Pavlović – National Coordinator for GREEN KEY Project

After EASD Council Meeting in March 2017:

   PRESIDENT – Aleksandra Mladenovic more about AleksandraAleksandra is the 2nd elected President of “Environmental Ambassadors for Sustainable Developments” ( The first President was Andjelka Mihajlov, from organisation establishment until 2014; from 2014 to 2017 organisation was without President and organisation legal representative was executive director).

President of Council – Dr Dunja Prokic (March 2017-December 2018)

Advisory Board for FEE Programs Established


3 new honorably members acknowledged: Milena Tabasevic, MScDr Uros Rakic, MSc Aleksandra Mladenovic

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We started in 2004. - OUR TEAM AT OUR BEGINNINGS