An Overview

EASD is think-thank organisation. The topics of work are:

  • science and research
  • sustainable development, 
  • environmental protection
  • education and
  • related consultancy, expert analysis, innovation, increase of professional knowledge and promotion

EASD ACTIVITY CICLES   is illustration of the scope of the activities.






The main activity is:

  • 94.12 Activities of professional associations

The Association also perform business activity in order to achieve the objectives:

  • 85.60 supporting educational activities.

Organisation have EuropaAid  PADOR number RS-2012-CIO-1003519953 , and  EASD  PIC number 951328762, as validated organisation under the 7th Framework programme as Private, Non-Profit organisation.

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The main objectives include:

  • Gathering and organizing of scientists and professional experts in the field of sustainable development and environment (environmental engineers, graduate biologists – ecologists, environmental analysts and analists from other complementary and related professions) in order to achieve their interests, increase their professional knowledge, achieve an appropriate status both professional and in community, on the basis of their professional contribution in their respective fields;
  • Development of mutual cooperation and cooperation with relevant international organisations of the same and similar professions; Development of all forms of successful cooperation with other professional organisations and assotiations in the interest of its members;
  • Providing assistance to the experts from these professions in the scientific and the professional development and organisation of the appropriate forms of continual education, namely life-long-learning;
  • Advancement of scientific research work, promotion and popularisation of science and technology and ensuring the preservation of scientific and cultural heritage, development of innovative and development projects, as well programs of general interest;
  • Monitoring the contemporary development of engineering, technology and ecology and indication of the trends of events and changes as well as giving opinions on technical and technological solutions in the fields of sustainable development and environment;
  • Respect and promotion of the professional ethics, human rights and freedoms;
  • Initiation and organisation of scientific and professional meetings, exhibitions, conferences and seminars, publishing activities, publishing of scientific and professional papers, monographs and other publications of interest in the field of sustainable development and environment;
  • Promotion of sustainable (harmonic economic, social and environmental) development as a commune bonus and interest, by implementing expertise and the promotion of the sustainable development and implementation of projects – sustainable management of natural resources – environmental protection and biodiversity – eco-standardisation – participation in the work and cooperation with all kinds of institutions nationally and internationally, industrial and other associations and organisations;
  • Initiating and support of those activities and initiatives aimed at preserving the environment and spatial planning, savings and rationalisation of consumption of all types of energy, eco-system services and inclusion of environmental protection in the other sector’s policies;
  • Education and training at all levels as the public interest (in the form of informal education and training, participation in formal education and training, as well as life-long-learning education and trainings), and in particular the development of syllabuses and implementation of educational programs in the fields of management, environmental management, environmental and sustainable development governance, implementation of national, EU, sub-regional and global legislation,  waste management, chemicals management, biodiversity, integral pollution prevention and control, standards, green economy, climate change, green public procurement, public participation In decission making, including on-line and electronic methods, camps and summer-schools, schools in nature, as well as fundraising and investment of the same in staff, awards, scholarship, grants, funds, equipment and facilities, all for the purpose of realisation of objectives;
  • Preparation and participation in project designs, studies, plans, strategies and legal solutions. This objective is carried out particularly in the fields of consulting and management, expert analysis, creation of business policy for sustainable development, organizing meetings and preparing materials, teaching, preparation and publishing of publications and materials in various forms including electronic forms, translation, publication and distribution of materials for the purpose of achieving objectives, data collection and processing, their analysis and creation of geographic, geology, informational and other application packagges, publishing of research and other results, publishing studies, monographs, handbooks and manuals, etc.;
  • Review and provide expert opinions on the plans, programs, analyses and other documents of the importance in the field of sustainable development and environment;
  • Cooperation with relevant scientific, profesional, economic and other organisations and bodies on the implementation of tasks of common interest;
  • Organisation and realisation of professional examinations in cooperation with competent authorities for issuing the relevant certificates and licenses for functioning in the fields of the environmental impact assessment and strategic impact assessment, in accordance with the law;
  • Organisation and implementation of eco-certification in cooperation with the competent authorities and organisations for issuing appropriate certificates in the field of assessment of fulfilment of international standards and programs relation to the environment and sustainable development;
  • Awarding of appropriate rewards and recognitions for successful achievements in the field of sustainable development and environment;
  • Affirmation and protection of fundamental values, interes and positions of sustainable development and environment in the society through the promotion of human, professional, scientific and artistic aspects on environmental protection in all areas of profession.

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