Minister for Education and Science underlined the importance of drinking water for development

The First SEE Regional Science Promotion Conference (SCIPROM), is opened on October 2, 2013 in Belgrade, with the aim to bring together science promotion professionals, practitioners and enthusiasts to share experience and network in order to strengthen the link between science and society in our Region.  In the current competitive global environment it is an imperative to enhance economic and social capacities by improving the educational structure of society, inspiring innovation and technological advancement and creating a milieu for appreciation of the value and benefits of knowledge.

In the opening address, Minister for Education, Science and Technology development of Serbia Tomislav Jovanovic underlined, among others the importance of knowledge based actions, as well as the importance of drinking water for development.

Conference bring international experts and representatives of international organizations, research and educational institutions, science camps, science communicators, NGOs, private sector and media on board. team participated.

This conference justify the path of Serbia development linking European Integration, Knowledge based activities and sectors : Education, Science and Environment/Natural Resources.