Terms and membership application


A member of “Environmental Ambaassadors for Sustainable Development” may be any expert in the field of sustainable development and environment  (graduate environmental engineer, graduate biologist – ecologist, graduate analyst of environmental protection or some other proffesion) who is professionally connected with the environmental protection and who accepts the objectives of the Assotiation and the Statute and submits documented application for the membership to the Executive Director or the President of the Assotiation.

On admition to membership, a member may be, by the title, classified into one of the following groups:

  • Expert-Environmental Ambassador for Sustainable Development
  • Researcher-Environmental Ambassador for Sustainable Development
  • Lecturer – Environmental Ambassador for Sustainable Development

Categories of membership

Members of the Assotiation are classified as:

  • the active members
  • members
  • honorary members

Active members compromise individuals who are actively, by a concract involved in the implementation of projects and activities of the Assotiation. Persons employed by the Assotiation are active members.

Members compromise individuals who support the work of the Assotiation and are involved in the activities of the association, but at that moment not contractually engaged in the implementation of the project. A  member may be a legal entity that once supported the work of the Association.

Honorary members of the Association may ne natural person or legal entities who have made a special contribution to achieving the objectives of the Assotiation.

Rights of Members

A member of the Assotiation is entitled to:

  • Take part, on equal basis with other members, in achieving the objectives of the Assotiation;
  • Participate in decission-making in the Council through delegated representatives;
  • Attend the session of the Council and parcipate in discussions but without voting rights if not a delegate;
  • Elect and be elected for a delegate to the Council and in working groups of the Assotiation;
  • Be promptly and fully informed about the work and activities of the Association.

Obligations of Members

A member is obliged to:

  • Actively contribute to achieving the objectives of the Association;
  • Participate, in accordance with his interests, in the activities of the Association;
  • Pay a membership dues;
  • Be timely and completely informed about the activities of the Association;
  • Perform other duties entrusted by the Executive Director, the President or the Council.

Membership application form:


It is mandatory to attach:

Payment of membership

Dues for the current year shall be paid not later than the 30th day June to the account of the Association.