NGOs Environment and Climate Forum (ECF)

NGOs Environment and Climate Forum (ECF)

NGOs Environment and Climate Forum (ECF) as the ECRAN component provide wide ranging opportunities for civil society and their active involvement in the approximation process, assist in the capacity development of the NGOs sector and provide opportunities for improving the stakeholder dialogue.

The ECF  set up a regional network of selected NGOs representing civil society from their country. The NGOs in ECF act as national contact points and cooperate with other organizations, governments and stakeholders at the country and regional level. Participation in the ECF provides the NGOs with many opportunities, but it also entails certain obligations.

Follow the ECF activities (…….. Regional training on the process of designation of potential Natura 2000 sites ,…..ECF TRAINING MODULE 1  TECHNICAL ASPECTS OF THE EU ACCESSION PROCESS, …..2nd Annual Meeting, 2016, Brussels)

April 2, 2014 – ECRAN NGOs Environment and Climate Change Forum – Evaluation Outcome : EASD is member of ECF – The ECRAN NGOs Environment and Climate Forum will accommodate a number of 21 NGOs from all the enlargement countries and Croatia. During the implementation of the project, organisations will have the possibility to join the different capacity building activities provided under the framework of the Forum.

ECF NGOs are in alphabetic order :

Association of Young Ecologists of Niksic, Montenegro

ATRC, Kosovo

CEKOR, Serbia

Center for Climate Change – Skopje, FYROM

Center for ecology and energy, BiH

Center for Environment, BiH

Center for environmental research and information Eco-sense, FYROM

Co-PLAN Institute for Habitat Development, Albania

Eco Movement Group Albania, Albania

EDEN Center, Albania

Environmental Ambassadors for Sustainable Development, Serbia

Friends of the Earth Croatia, Croatia

Instituti i Kosoves per Politika Zhvillimore, Kosovo

KADOS Kadikoyu Friends of Science Culture and Art Association, Turkey

LIR Evolution, BiH

Macedonian Green Center , FYROM

Milieukontakt Macedonia, FYROM

NGO Center for Protection and Research of Birds of Montenegro, Montenegro

NGO Green Home, Montenegro

TEMA, Turkey

Young Researchers of Serbia, Serbia