Organisation structure

The organs of the Association are: The Council (with elected President of the Council) and the President.

  • Depending of  actual activities, Association have up to four executive program directors:
  • Executive Director for The Program of Professional Representation in the fields of environment and sustainable development
  • Executive Director for The Program of Scientific, Innovative, Research and Professional Work in the fields of environment and sustainable development
  • Executive Director for The Program of Education for Environment and Sustainable Development
  • Executive Director for The Program of the Expertise and Consulting in the fields of environment and sustainable development.

It is possibility to have Honorable President, i.e. Association Adviser/Consultant.

In order to achieve efficiency, Ad hoc and/or permanent Working Groups could be established and the Association may have Clubs, as well as Office for projects elsewhere in country, region or abroad, or the tasks formulated only through online communication.

After EASD Council Meeting in March 2017:

     PRESIDENT – Aleksandra Mladenovic

 more about Aleksandra


Aleksandra is the 2nd elected President of “Environmental Ambassadors for Sustainable Developments” ( The first President was Andjelka Mihajlov, from organisation establishment until 2014; from 2014 to 2017 organisation was without President and organisation legal representative was executive director).


Advisory Board for FEE Programs Established


Two new honorably members acknowledged: Milena Tabasevic, MSc

Dr Uros Rakic





Our core team includes senior and junior experts.

Founders/honorable members are: Andjelka Mihajlov, Sandra Radunovic, Hristina Stevanovic-Carapina, Ana Pudja, Filip Jovanovic and Milica Petrovic.

President is Prof dr Andjelka Mihajlov (from January 2014. acting as the Honorable President).

President of the Council is Prof dr Hristina Stevanovic Carapina (until March 2017) and 2017/2018 Dr Dunja Prokic

Legal representative is:

– Prof dr Andjelka Mihajlov, until January 2014.

– Prof dr Natasa Zugic Drakulic, executive director, January 2014 – March 2015

– MSc Aleksandra Mladenovic, executive director, from March 2015


Internal legal act on organisation and jobs