Forum of Friends (FoF)

Forum of  Friends

According to Council Decision (meeting on October 4th, 2013), EASD opened 2 Clubs: Forum of Members (FoM): – members and former members and persons worked/working in EASD projects, and Forum of Friends (FoF) : – persons participated in EASD activities, as well as persons connected through social networks (evidence are the numbers). These is under  developed in 2014. 

FoF list (names)_____________________________________________

As on March 31, 2014:

Facebook  EASD- Environmental Ambassadors for SD Group: 142 Members

Linkedin Environmental Ambassadors for Sustainable Development Group: 117 members

Twiter : 115 followers

As on December,2014:

Facebook page , 4174 friends

Facebook  EASD- Environmental Ambassadors for SD Group 163 members

Eco-Schools Serbia Group , 22 members

Twitter: , 134 followers

Linkedin company :  132 members


Other social networks:

ENV. net  ;