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SECO: Establishing a partnership to promote the use of international assistance

Within the project “Support to the Department of Planning, Programming, Monitoring and Reporting on EU Funds and development assistance to the Office for European Integration of Serbia, for establishing a partnership to promote the use of international assistance “in March 2011 the mechanism was established, enabling civil society participation in planning and monitoring of EU and other international development assistance.

SEKO leading organization for the sector of environment and energy is a consortium of organizations (selected in a public competition):

CEKOR-Centre for Ecology and sustainable development,


Center for Civil Society Development PROTECTA.

SEKO Leading organizations are forming network NGO SEKO Forum “Environment and Energy” to work together to provide opinion related to official documents in the programming process, the identification of priority programs / projects, defining the strategic basis for defining priority projects for international assistance.  48 CSO are the member of this network, and it is open for the new members.

More information can be found (in Serbian)


January 30,2014 – Thematic meeting of the SECO mechanism on IPA II programming

December 16, 2013: Workshop for strategic planning of further work SECO mechanism


Activities include:

EASD prepared Opinion and contribution to the Draft Strategy Paper for the Republic of Serbia 2014-2020. Through SECO mechanism opinion is sent to Governmental Office for European Integration. Opinion is based on  Serbia 2013 Progress Report and Strategy – Reading by Serbia Team 



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