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Inspiring World campaigns

Through the Eco-schools network in Serbia, in 2018 the focus of IW campaign was on re-using textile in order to show that textile is not waste and can be used as much as we wish, depending on ideas and creative inspiration. Under the project, Eco-schools Serbia members, especially schools for children with special needs, among other thing, prepared “silent books” that serve as educational material. Re-used textile was “changed” to carpets, bed covers, shirts, different renovated cloths and other different decorative items. By selling those products, Eco-schools gather opportunity to earn money for new textile and other material needed in their every-day work.
In 2019 IW campaign related to sustainable fashion and sustainable eating: what we wear, does it become from the sustainable chain, and are we responsible to the nature and other resources by wearing different kinds of clothes, and how much is our lifestyle sustainable? The campaign concerned, as well, sustainable food production and consumption, answering on question Do we eat responsible?

Project is supported by C&A Foundation.