ENV.net snapshots from CSOs responds to questionnaire

42 CSOs responded to ENV.net questionnaire (March-April 2013). 80% were NGOs (majority having interest in environmental issues “among the others”, and minority established as “environmental” NGOs ) while 20% belonged to other categories of the CSOs.

As one of the main interests, need for education is identified.  Most of the CSOs agreed that teaching/learning about environmental issues, environmental problems and solutions throughout informal education for adults as for example are seminars, and semi-formal education as for example are implementation of international program Eco-Schools, might be the most fruitful way to improve status of their knowledge about environmental issues in our country.  Most CSOs were interested to hear more about ENV.net project.

Regarding different segments of environmental acquis, most of the CSOs which answered ENV.net questionnaire were interested to  waste management (i.e. recycling), nature protection, and public access to environmental information.